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Dr. John Barrett, Fulham, London
I have had Crohns disease since a teenager, and still suffered discomfort many years on; with the doctors unable to offer more help. The LILT treatment has really eased the discomfort without any invasive issues or side effects. It is quick and easy and I didn’t feel a thing.

Terri, US
Following a car accident I had severe pain in my hip for many years. I was totally dependent on pain killers to get through the day. After just one low intensity laser therapy session I am totally free from pain and am no longer taking drugs to ease my discomfort.

Anne, Croydon
I want to thank you for a wonderful treatment, a really successful and far reaching session. My knee is absolutely fine now, and I feel so much lighter, clear headed and focused. The tiredness and lethargy I’ve had for years has gone and I’m losing weight easily - 6lbs since I saw you, and without thinking about it. The need for eating too much and sweet things on top of a healthy meal has vanished. It’s amazing.
I thought all of that was down to being overweight and getting older. But it’s gone! And I’m sleeping soundly, and for longer like I did as a child.

Moira, Atherstone, Warwickshire
My neck and shoulders had seized up and were very painful; they did not respond much to the drugs from the doctor. The LILT treatment dissolved the hard lumps in the muscles and gave me much more movement without any of the pain I had been experiencing.