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Sunu Cosmetic Centre

The real alternative to harsh cosmetic treatments
Our gentle light treatments are much safer, painless and actually regenerate cells using the body’s own mechanisms for cosmetic revitalisation.

So why risk it and
· go under the knife?
· get injected with toxic serum?
· have your skin layer burned off? OUCH

Our range of treatments include:

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2012 Prices


1 hour

£ 50

A wonderful facial for fine lines and wrinkle reduction- collagen renewal starts here.


15 Minutes


Specific Treatment for dark rings and bags around the eyes; also targets laughter lines


Per 30 Minutes


Rapid reduction of Fat stored in cells across the abdominal area or other areas. Includes a 10 minute powerplate session as part of the treatment


Per 30 minute session


Rapid reduction of unsightly marks and lines;

  • Stretch Marks  - just watch them fade away with only 4 treatments
  • Tattoos gently fade over a couple of months
  • Thread veins gently cleared


A full package of treatments to make you totally radiant for your big day!

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